Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tummy growth sequence

Mummy's tummy growth sequence.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Detailed Scan video

This was the video that was taken during the last detailed scan, it starts with the cross section through the body looking at the heart then moving on to the other organs.

Trampoline Baby

These days Adeline has been running in and out of the toilet like crazy. Because Bryan cannot stop kicking and punching on her bladder and giving her the urge to pee all the time. Yesterday, i was away in KL and i received this message "Bryan is treating my bladder as a trampoline again!!" I burst out laughing and everyone thought me mad, as the following image came to my mind.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Detailed Scan

Here we are, the culmination of Evolution. After numerous ultrasound scans, witnessing the growth of our child from bean to foetus, we have the detailed scan, presenting a close study of the functionings of the vital human organs of our baby boy, Bryan, as he has been named. And from this, we are really really thankful and happy to announce that the pregnancy is going really smooth.


(From top to bottom)
A1: The scan shows the rough length measured from crown to rump - 160mm.
The black clump in middle is the heart, seen to be beating on the screen really rapidly as it should. Close studies and cross section of the heart shows the main valves criss crossing the way it is supposed to.

A2: Here is a close up side profile, indicating that the nose is apart from the lips, eradicating the possibility of a cleft lip. Also, from the front, it was clearly discerned that the left and right brain are almost equal in size.

A3: A slight zoom out of the previous picture. Showing shoulder, neck and the beginning of a well formed spine, which the Doc mentioned was an amazing piece of architecture, being strong in support and flexible at the same time. Ade has just suggested for me to design a building based on that. Great idea!


B1: Heres the funny one. It isnt that clear, but there is an annotation near the penis which the Gynae entered the text, "Boy". Its like, pointing to the grey clouds in the sky and saying "Rain". Why wasn't it labelled "Little Pecker." or "Mini Willie" or "Mr Happy", but "Boy"? Okay just a thought. But hey, judging from the relative size of that ball sack together with "Boy", it is beyond reasonable doubt that we do have a boy indeed.

B2: On the left is a nice round belly, with the bladder on the left just off the view. The ultrasound showed that the bladder is filled, meaning that the kidney is working. Also means that Bryan pees into the placenta and ingests the liquid from there as well. Eeeeee. Okay, we all went through that. Take it easy folks.

B3: The 2 little feet, which are going to fit in the 2 little shoes that we have. 5 little toes on each side. Quite a bit of effort was spent in trying to capture a shot when both feet were apart for that cute little frame-worthy picture, but they kept overlapping. I think he was doing Salsa shines thats why.

B4: Erm. Its been a week. I forgot whats the picture on the left. Will try to recall.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Tummy at 18wks

This is a picture of the tummy at 18wks, backdated about 1 and a half weeks. We've been slack! but do check back tomorrow for results of the first detailed ultrasound scan.

Our Little Cheeky Monkey :)