Sunday, August 29, 2010

Baking Green Tea and Chocolate Snow Skin Mooncakes

The completed mooncakes from the top.
 Bryan's godma Eileen came over to try making mooncakes with Ade yesterday morning. It was both their first tries. I brought Bryan to take refuge at his grandparent's, so that the ladies could whip up their snow storm.

The results are as shown i.e. delicately printed powderd little medallions of creamy paste made of three different flavours:-
  • Snow Skin Green tea and mango paste
  • Snow Skin Chocolate almond nips lotus paste
  • Snow Skin Green tea almond nips lotus paste
Fit for royal consumption. Excuse me while i go sink my teeth into one of them, before the little prince ravages them all.

Half view of mooncakes showing the chocolate and greentea variations.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rochester buffet breakfast play

It was a feat getting a nice big group out of their beds on early Sunday morning, as we all met at 7 Rochester for a morning toddler gathering. By 10am, all the individual families have arrived and were digging in the breakfast.

everyone was donned in red in the national day theme.

Behind the jar of apples lie the breakfast buffet counter, which laid out the food which could do with more improvement, like softer pancakes for example, and better hashbrown. However, the nice greenery and outdoor location made up for it slightly.

The playhouse was lovely. For a nominal fee, our feisty little children got their hands and bodies real busy in the clean and organized playroom, perfect for leaving mummy and daddy with a little solace for a greatly yearned together time without having to juggle a squirmy worm with breakfast sausages.

When time was up in the playroom (they charge by the half hour after the first hour), Bryan's expression above says it all on how much he wanted to get back inside.

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

After a fun morning at Rochester

Bryan is expending the rest of his almost boundless energy at hong kong cafe anchor point.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ketchup slurping monster

Bryan newly discovered the joy of dips. At mos burger Jurong point, everything edible went into the ketchup tray first, including his fingers. After a while, mummy realizes that he ain't eating the French fry at all, but the sauce dish was starting to empty out.

We tried giving him a piece of bread to distract him, but it turns out the bread was like a better sponge.

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Bryans haircut

Before haircut

After haircut!

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Swimming with little friends - 24 July 2010

We had a baby gathering with all his baby friends from the forum, and lunch time was a crazy jumparound in the kid pool, followed by a warm down session in the hot jacuzzi, in the rather cold Saturday weather.

The pot luck lunch function room not only had great food which all the daddys and mummys contributed to, but there were also baby slide, safari ball pool and the santa fe express train set for the kids to ride on.

The menu of the day included -

Ee Fu noodle
Ham, tuna & cheese sandwich
Fried bee hoon
Spinach quiche
Carrot cake
Chocolate brownies
Konyaku jelly
Lychee agar agar
Star puffs
Cheese cake
Baby juices
Soft drinks

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Our Little Cheeky Monkey :)