Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bryan's first haircut

HEY!!!! finally im able to upload stuff.. i've been trying almost everyday to get the image uploading working in blogger.

Its been exasperating because I feel a sense of responsibility towards tracking bryan's growth on the blog, ever since he was conceived... i don't know its like a personal online diary for him, which conveniently we can reflect on and he can enjoy when he is able to next time.

That day we brought Bryan for his first haircut, it felt really strange. Bryan had a head of hair which was untouched since birth. His hair dropped once, abuot 4-5 months, and then grew again, so cutting it was like altering his natural state, the virgin pure entity left unmodified since birth, the honda civic that was manufactured from the orignal factory before you add the Ah Beng lights and spoilers. I know, its just a hair cut, but i never knew cutting your baby's hair for the first time can feel that way. Ahahahaha Daddy is bonkers.

Our Little Cheeky Monkey :)