Saturday, October 30, 2010

Celebrating our 4th year wedding anni(bryan gets involved)versary

 We got to the hard rock hotel at resorts world in the afternoon after picking Bryan up from half day childcare. Bryan was really excited. This trip was the second part of our wedding anniversary celebration, the adeline-surprise-luther leg.

At the concierge, we tried to leave our bags at the counter before proceeding for lunch, but Bryan got really protective over his school trolley bag. He was truly distressed when the nice aunty wanted to help him keep it. 

Lunch was at chillis, super yummy indeed. The anticipation of going to our hotel room gave us a good appetite.
 When we got to our room, Bryan got ballistic about the springy bed and chaise lounge. In his mind he must be thinking this was our new house.
 In the evening, we got the night pass into universal studios. During the 45 minutes that we waited for the fireworks below to start, Bryan was super happy running around the waterfront stage.
 Funny thing was that during the fireworks display, Bryan was afraid, but after that, he said he liked it. ahahahha. gungho bravo machoshit. Super cute.

 That night we were tired and really happy.
Bryan changed into pyjamas and got ready for the usual night routine at a  completely different place.
The next morning, we had a great family swim at the play pool, as seen from our room above. All in all, it was a beautiful anniversary.

Our Little Cheeky Monkey :)