Monday, January 24, 2011

Mr Man at jp

Bryan mimicked the mr man outfit with 2 pails.

Ever since Bryan saw the vivocity drummers, he had been asking me to show him the video I took of them every night, and this had been going on for coming half a year.

Yesterday, Bryan spotted a toy drum at kiddy palace Jurong point, and it was like love at first sight. After the purchase, I had to tear open the packaging and Bryan became 'Mr Man' as was the name he gave to the Vivo drummers, beating to the ambient Chinese new year songs for a good one hour, much to the envy of the other kids who saw him.

To us all, it may just be hitting away at a plastic noise making toy, but to little Bryan, he was a proud performer living out the dream he had always imagined himself to be one day, to be like Mr Man, marching down the mall alley, and one just had to notice how serious he was at his job to see that!

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