Friday, December 30, 2011

Carrot cake for NY2012

I was sitting on my couch reading when the smell of fresh orange juice wafted through the air, and strummed my cake nerves in advance. Hours later, the batches of carrot cake graced our dining table, ready to be dished out for our new years party with the kids tomorrow in the garden lounge.

Roasted crunchy walnuts disguised like rocks in an edible zen stone garden, or a pastry martian landscape, embedded gently onto zesty whips of orange flavored cream cheese.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Floor Christmas party bake

This year, level 3 of BlK 84 Lakeholmz had a floor party, utilizing the common corridor shared by 4 units, 4 nationalities, coming together to have a nice Christmas gathering, over a fusion potluck feast.

Conceived with the intention of neighborliness, friendly warmth and festive feelings, it was a superb night everybody had.

Adeline baked a tasty chocolate cake with a nice homely cottage sitting on it. Extends the comfortable, fuzzy feeling of home out to the common corridor.

She also whipped up a multi- tierm tray of cup cakes, splashed with candied multi color sugariness embedded into dollops of nutella, altogether an all-star Christmassy topping over chocolate cupcake bases. Wow, whets my appetite just reminiscing on them as I write.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Special day

Today is a special day.

Bryans 3

Bryan celebrated his 3rd birthday in school this year on 10th November. The cake above is made by Ade. Underneath the colorful creamy exterior depiction of a child's dream, is the tastiest chocolate cake with Oreo cream layer filings.

Ade researched, planned, sweat, scrambled, whipped and crafted rehearsals for this cake months before this occasion. Here's another close up. Bryan loves Thomas the train, and this cake is it's backdrop.

From this you can tell that even at close range before you shovel a forkful into your impatient mouth, the intricate piping patterns make this cake such a thing of beauty. It cost maybe over $200 to buy a cake like this from a professional, but it is priceless if mummy made this.

Bryan, when you read this next time, go give mummy another hug for it.

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Adeline made a beautiful black forest cake for me and my dad for our birthday celebration.  Usually, it does not matter if the cake tasted good or not, but it is the thought that counts. This cake however, was so good, i had a really special feeling eating it. My dad who is usually very careful about his diet went for second helpings. Decked a 3 storey pastry penthouse, sandwiching 2 layers of a mish mash of cream and fruit fillings, so good that one wouldn't know where to start eating the cake slice. Love you dear, for making the super cake.

Our Little Cheeky Monkey :)