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warning: there are graphic descriptions of the process of miscarriage so if you get disturbed by such mental images, please do not read.

Below is a collection of posts, during the week when the miscarriage was experienced. These were put up in, a forum which offers support for women in similar situations.

Posted: Mon Dec 24, 2007 3:13 am

"I'm currently 9wks3day pregnant and my last scan on Friday shows an empty gestational sac measuring 25.5mm. My doctor has written it off as a blighted ovum and adviced me to go for D&C. I've insisted I wanted a natural miscarriage.

Right now, I'm waiting and it is truly the worst time of my life. Yesterday, while doing some last min. Xmas shopping, I felt wet and when I checked, I saw some very light/faint yellowish brown stains on my pad. There are no cramps or bleeding so far today and I'm really sick of the process of waiting and not knowing when it will happen.

I had to put up a "mask" in front of my DH as he was emotionally sad during our last scan and it really broke my heart to see him tearing. I'm finally cried today when I pray to God for smooth miscarriage and for it to happen soon (DH has gone to work today).

Can anyone share some light as to how long to wait for the real thing to happen. I'm not for surgery but I'm weakening in my hold and really thinking of having a D&E (via suction rather than using a curette) after Xmas so that we could move on and TTC soon.

I really need some help and advice on this as I don't really have anyone I could share this situation with. "


Posted: Fri Dec 28, 2007 3:41 am

Dear All,

"I think I've started but a slow one. Yesterday I had quite an experience with mild to strong cramps but it came and go every 5 mins (from 6.45pm till 8pm) and then the cramps went away totally. During that time, there was no heavy bleeding at all just a very light browninsh flow.

This morning when I peed, I can see some very faint red in the urine and there was a small piece of tissue. Still no heavy bleeding yet just dark brown stain.

I'm feeling so tired, really really tired bodily and I think it is my body's way of conserving energy for the big thing. I really hope that the actual flushing will come soon before the holiday is over. My office is closed till 02Jan08 so I'm praying that it will be all over by then."

Posted: Sat Dec 29, 2007 4:06 am

"Well, I had really strong cramps early this morning at 5am and it was constant all the way till 7am coupled with aches around my hip and back. When I went to the toilet at 10am this morning, I could see fresh red blood which is with some clear mucus. My body feels like a mashmellow now and the energy seems to have been drained from me.

I was trying to look up the internet to have some ideas as to what to expect "stages of miscarriage" to keep myself prepared but can't find any so I'm trying to document my experience here for all to share.

I realised that with each contraction/cramps the aches around the hip and back will follows and when the contractions/cramps disappear, the aches too disappear. So weird but well it happen to me.

I"m just waiting for bigger flush of tissues today and hopefully it will happen. I also realised that my cramps usually starts in the evening around the same time each day, the only difference was that it started again wee early in the morning today at 5am, which was totally new to me. "

Elena, do you have aches around your back and hip when you had your miscarriage and do you feel bodily weak and tired?

Many thanks to all who read my post and my heart goes out to those who are in the same boat as I'm. I'm so thankful that my husband is so supportive and I just feel so bad of him staying at home just in case the big flush starts.


Posted: Sun Dec 30, 2007 2:43 am

y bleeding has increased from brown staining to actual period but there are still no heavy bleeding or huge clots as described by those who had gone through similar experiences.

Well, yesterday I had the longest cramp session so far that started at around 6.30pm till 10.30pm. Not the very best feeling I could say but it was still manageable. It came and go like contraction that are 2 mins apart. It used to be 5 mins so I guess my body is really pushing the POC out. So I'm hoping that today I can see more results as I really hate the idea of having to go through this and eventually D&C as well.

I'll keep my updates in this post and I hope that for all who are going through a similar situation will have a peacful healing. "


Posted: Sun Dec 30, 2007 2:17 pm

I think I've finally expelled the product of conception today. I was feeling a little frustrated and wanted so badly to leave the house to go for a good walk but was afriad that it will happen while I'm out. Anyway, against all thoughts my DH brought me out to get some fresh air at 3pm. At 4pm, I started to have cramps and it was stronger and started way earlier as compared to the previous days.

We headed home and by 5pm, I was experiencing extremely strong cramps which really reduced me to tears. I took 1 Naproxen Sodium tablet and it did not helped at all so I took another tablet at 6.45pm when the pain became almost unbearable. The worst of it was the ache around my right hip and my back that I was really crying this time and the cramp lasted longer than those that I've experience.

At 7pm, I started to flush out large clots and each time I would check to see if it is the POC. By 7.30pm I once again felt that something was coming out and I headed towards my bathtub and something did flow out not looking like any of the clots I've seen so far. It is greyish in colour and it looks really different. I've taken a picture of this to show but I don't really know how to post it here. If you do want to have a look to understand how it would look like, please pm me.

Right after I've expelled the greyish matter, the cramp ceased and the ache also subsided. I have not experienced any further cramps or backache since then.

Called my doctor to tell him what I think might have just happened and he asked me to see him tomorrow to see if indeed I've expelled the POC. "


Posted: Sun Dec 30, 2007 4:14 pm

Latest update, at 11.50pm today the 2nd part of the POC came out as well and it has the same form and tiny veins like the first that came out at 7.30pm. The only difference this time is that there is no cramp or pain and it just slipped out while I was peeing."


Posted: Mon Dec 31, 2007 7:19 am

I just came back from my OB's office and he confirmed that I've indeed expelled the POC. However, there are still quite a lot of tissues in my womb so he prescribed Cytotec to help me expel the rest of the tissues. In addition, he has also given me a 1 week supply of antibiotics to help prevent and infection.

I'm glad that it is all over now and I just can't wait for my next menstral cycle to start. Once that is over, we will TTC again.

So here is the summary of my 1st pregnancy journey:

18Nov07 - got a strong positive on the pregnancy test kit
20Nov07 - 1st doctor appointment, did a scan but could not see anything (4.5wks pregnant)
11Dec07 - 2nd doctor appointment. Did a scan to show and empty gestational sac measuring 15.5mm. Went for 2nd opinion and was given pregnyl injection coupled with Turinal tablets (just in case it is a late bloomer)
21Dec07 - 3rd doctor appointment. Scan still show empty gestational sac measuring 25.8mm. Was given option to have D&C but I insisted to have natural miscarriage. (9 wks pregnant)
24Dec07 - 1st faint yellowish/brown stains on pad. No further bleeding
25Dec 07 - Light brown stains, still no heavy bleeding
26Dec07 - Still light brown stains
27Dec07 - experienced mild to strong cramps but it came and go every 5 mins (from 6.45pm till 8pm). Still brown stains
28Dec07 - very faint red stain when i peed & there was a small piece of tissue. Still no heavy bleeding yet just dark brown stain
29Dec07 - really strong cramps early this morning at 5am and it was constant all the way till 7am coupled with aches around my hip and back. When I went to the toilet at 10am this morning, I could see fresh red blood which is with some clear mucus. No heavy bleeding yet
30Dec07 - This is the day as I expelled the product of conception today after 2 hourse of extreme and intense contractions/cramps and sever ahces on my hip and back. The 2nd piece of the PoC slipped out at 11.50pm without and pain or cramp. I was 10.5 wks today."

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