Sunday, August 17, 2008

Simply divine

What you see above seems like the stuff from high-end niche pastry boutique-cake shops, but no it isn't. This comes from our very own kitchen! Cravings turned into creative strokes of inspiration. Adeline decided to bake, because she's going to wait no more for that scrambling husband of hers, running off to the car, driving out to the faraway pastry shop, and bringing back a half tossed, overturned slice of mangled cake, only to find that her craving has transformed to wan ton mee instead.

No, she whipped up her own carrot cake. And the amazing feat was done while lugging around an energetic 'flipper' inside her tummy, while poised in that seemingly undersized apron.

The result is a well proportioned, precisely timed bake mixture of ingredients forming the main body, layered over by a superbly controlled wavy swirl of cream cheese, followed by the most delicate topping of wallnut and lemon zest, and it tasted better than it looked. To me, the taste felt better than Singapore getting a silver medal at the olympics.

And a message to mummys -- GOT A CRAVING? MAKE IT YOURSELF!


chin said...


"And a message to mummys -- GOT A CRAVING? MAKE IT YOURSELF!"

Definitely a cry from one scrambling husband!

Looks yummy lor!!

Luth said...

ahahaha, this only meant to be a suggestion of a good alternative, of course, papas, you should still strive to be of best service.

So maybe i should keep my running shoes on all the time, and car keys strapped in my pocket. in case i cant react fast enough before spaghetti primavera craving becomes bee hoon goreng craving.

Hui Ching said...

Looks delicious...can I have the recipe...pleeeeeease???

From another Greedy Preggie Mummy :)

Our Little Cheeky Monkey :)