Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bryan well into his 2nd month

We are starting to see Bryan becoming more interactive these few days, he seems to be listening to what we say, he also tries to say things once in a while, most of which comes out as "Ah.. nguh.. eyl.. air." AIR! he seems to know how to pronounce the stuff he breathes. Ok thats probably pushing it. But besides that, hes also developing really quirky responses. When Ade urges him to shit with her "ngggggggggggg....ngggg" he chuckles at how funny her face looks, probably thinking "what the heck mummy i got no more shit, stop making funny sounds". What's more, we read in the books that babies cry when their diapers are filled with shit, but this little man laughs instead.


Fifi said...

Haha. My daughter also laughs when I continue to make the "nggg nggg" sound when she's already done.

BoonCheong said...

Hey fifi! Congrats on your baby girl! Do bring her down one day when we all meet up again ya!

Our Little Cheeky Monkey :)