Monday, July 27, 2009

New found powers.

Bryan gains the power of Cognition, and Daddy and mummy learns the importance of power naps.

Wah lau, i tell you, this fella is getting really frisky. sometimes we can only fondly miss his recent angelic behavior when he sleeps. Ok lah, not so bad. Its been a ball, we are loving it. This little man has been running all over the house on his walker screaming and chasing the poor cats. Only this weekend, Bryan just learned how to crawl, and so putting on his diapers and clothes after baths feels like running on a treadmill at top speed, except that you are the treadmill. Thank God for pull-up pants.

Alls not that bad, some of his new found skills do help us out a bit, especially his auto rocking kung fu kicks (see vid below). The way he clenches his fists looks like Xiao Ding Dang concentrating to take a shit and kicking to maintain the steady rocking momentum. When that happens, daddy and mummy can find a bit of time to take a bite, take a bath, take everything all within 2mins before Bryan realizes hes entertaining no one.

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snowie gal said...

LOLz... I am having an equally bad time changing my girl's diapers and she screams her head off when I try to stop her from turning!

I agree that pull up pants are a god send. But I still got 1 pack of M size and L size mamy poko to clear...

Our Little Cheeky Monkey :)