Friday, November 13, 2009

Bryan's first birthday celebration

Bryan loves balls. His first clear word was 'ball', so for his birthday, mummy decided to rent a ball pool for Bryan, and it was really magic, because Bryan went in like a fish released into the lake. It was great fun to see all the kids jump into the ball pool with Bryan, nice and dry.
If you have been following this blog from the beginning, Mummy's passion for baking started during pregnancy. What began as a passtime to deal with the rigors of pregnancy grew into a love for making cakes. The idea of baking our son's first birthday cake started as a dream and it culminated in an almost disney theatrical explosion of colors; the cake looked as spectacular as it tasted. Mummy surpassed herself in doing up every single bumblebee, kneading in every inch of fondant with a red consistent color, baking lots of trials to achieve just the right beautiful finish as we all were treated to that day. That must be the most awesome birthday cake i've ever seen in my life, and it belonged to our son, made by you dear. Thanks for that.

Thank you also to all the babies who came with their mummies and daddies to make Bryan's birthday a truly fun one. It was great. The atmosphere was one of happy toddlers laughing and soaking in the kiddy revelry, which i feel is the best way to make your baby most comfortable. It sure beats having a crowd of daddy's and mummy's remotest relatives and friends choking the room with unfamiliarity, which would surely result in baby being uncomfortable too. Once again, great foresight on that mummy.

Thanks everyone for coming to share this day with us, and making him the happiest kid in the block on that day.

Heres a behind the scenes peek of Bryan swimming in his bounty of presents.


Anonymous said...

Your son is so cute! and am so impressed with the cakes you made!! well done :) may I know where you rented the ball pool from? thanks!

Adeline said...

Thanks for dropping by our blog and for the compliment for our son:) We rented the ball pool from Toys4Rent

They are really prompt and good :)

juzyounme said...

Happy Belated Bday to Bryan!

Adeline said...

Hi Juz,
Thanks! So nice of you to drop by, how's your little man? :)

juzyounme said...

thanks for asking. little man getting v active & cheeky, so get falls and bumps every now and then... still can't stand without support, etc...

Martin Cooper said...

What charming question

Our Little Cheeky Monkey :)