Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bryan is 1 and a half tomorrow!

Bryan loves hangers. Before we went to church morning, i took the shirt off the wardrobe, and he went 'angh ner!! angh ner!!!' We had a great day at St andrews cathedral this morning. He was very attentive, to the voluminous interior of the beautiful building. When he started blabbering a bit, mummy said 'sssshhh', and he gave a cheeky smile and said 'ssssh' back. That got me laughing almost aloud during service.

From left to right: Madeleine Jie Jie, Sean 'tar tar (which is his pronounciation for kor kor)', and Candace Jie Jie, and Bryan, the kid gang of blk 84.

It was a real fun time for Bryan when the wonderful neighbors came to play with him. He was so happy, running up and down the corridor, trying to command everyone to sit and stand, to which they nicely obliged. Soon everyone was playing Simon says, clapping hands, marching, sitting, standing. We think he will have a real party when he moves over to the toddler division.

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Candace said... cute :D I love you, lil' Bryan :P

Our Little Cheeky Monkey :)