Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bryan is 2!

 Ice cream cone cupcake surprise - the cone rim is welded with hazelnuttella and dark chocolate cereal balls. Underneath the upturned muffin is a treasure trove of candies - mixed M&Ms and japanese jelly chocolate beans. Topping it all is a swirl of nutella, sprinkles of rainbowrice and a marshmellow flower to soften up your guilt. Overall, this army of candies will obliterate all sweet tooths and chocolate cravings.

Ade and Aunty Rose woke up early this morning to make these for Bryan's party.

 The party was littered with children jumping, somersaulting, rolling, hopping and smearing. The ceiling was strewn with multicolored balloons. All daddies were made to jump for their kids' favorite color. Bryan's excitement came from letting go of balloons. Daddy almost jumped off all the calories from the cakes.

 You know when the little birthday boy is in a good happy mood when he produces moves like the above. Its as though his little body cannot contain all the multi directional excitement in the party, so he had to shake it off through his 4 limbs and that bobble head.

 As if shaking it off isn't enough, as we had anticipated. This mini bouncy castle was a superb solution to burn off the rest of Bryan's happy energy. It was a blast, especially when he recently grew some serious jumping beans.
"fan fan! fan!! i want fan!" Bryan loves fans so much. Everytime we go to NTUC, he turns on all the fans on the shelf,and demands that all the ceiling fans be on. From 1km away, hes able to spot a tiny distant swirling object.

Mummy planned the fan cake project from months back, researching on the net, producing sketches with daddy, and a couple of drafts. We even used AUTOCAD to create a template for cutting the fan blades.

Chocolate sprinkles were from a special source, which we serendipitously got hold of during our anniversary celebration.

For this cake, mummy took leave and did a trial run. Days of shopping, testing, brainstorming, dry and wet rehearsals turned into the most beautiful three dimensional fan cake ever baked. Beautiful as it must be in Bryan's heart, as his favourite fan became a cake, and it was made by his dear mummy.

Balloon sculptor got really busy with challenging requests. He churned out tulips, hats, swords, barney, fan, heartshaped gifts, dogs and etc. The buffet catering was really delicious this time.

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