Monday, September 22, 2008

German Black Forest

This cake came like a welcome to Bryan's face, if you see the above post. Its almost like a celebratory cake for Happy-Check-Out-Our-Kiddo's-face day.

The German Black Forest Cake brings Ade's baking pursuits to a new level. Now the cake is starting to look like its professionally made, with a taste to match. Incredible. Yesterday Ade said something real touching, she said "I want to make a cake which looks and tastes good enough to be Bryan's birthday cake next time. You know kids, they don't just want things to taste good, they must look good too." Next she was scraping the chocolate shavings with one of those shaving scrape tool things, perspiring heavily at the same time. Believe me, doing this cake was a tedious process, considering that she wasn't in a state to even sit or lie down for a long period of time, since Bryan is growing bigger in her tummy and she is feeling increasingly quesy as the pregnancy progresses.

Yes, it definitely will be a lovely birthday cake, done not just with skill but injected with lots of love. I am so proud of you dear.

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