Sunday, November 16, 2008

Birth Account (Chronological)

6.30am Checked into the labour ward observation room. Change into the hosp gown, took urine sample and CTG reading plus cleared my bowels.

7.00am Moved into Delivery Suite and started the induction via IV. The insertion of the IV needle was so blardy painful.

8.00am Contraction readings starts to climb above 100 but I don’t feel any pain at all

8.30am Gynae came to do the 1st cervix check and I was still 0.5cm dilated. So she allowed me to have my breakfast (some miserable sandwich)

10.30am Gynae came to do the 2nd cervix check and I was now 1cm dilated. Good thing was that she did not tell me that she was going to break my water bag and I was surprised when she told me she did. No pain experienced. Instead, hubby noted pained expression when fish porridge was announced for lunch.

11.00am Contractions started to get heavier after the breaking of the water bag.

1.30pm Gynae came to do the 3rd cervix check and I was at 3cm dilation. At this time my contraction was still bearable but the backache was getting intense. Checked with gynae to get an estimate of how many hours to go before i can reach full dilation. The answer was 8-9 hours

2.00pm The backache was reaching an excrutiating level while my contraction pain was still bearable. At this point HB’s wrist was getting really tired from the heavy massage on my back so I decided to opt for Epidural as I don’t think I’ll have the energy to push if full dilation can only occur after 8-9hours

2.30pm The anesthetist came in to administer the epidural. At this point, the contraction had gotton really intense and my backache was at a point of no return.

3.00pm Epidural started taking effect and my legs were getting numb. The right leg was more numb than the left and that is a normal symptom.

4.00pm Gynae came in to have the 4th cervix check and disappointingly I was only achieving 4cm dilation.

5.25pm Gynae came in to have the 5th cervicx check. At this point I was thinking to myself how far i could go, expecting most probably 5cm. However the look on the gynae’s face told a different story. So in my heart I thought ok, maybe i got further into the 6-7cm range. She then gave me the best piece of news, I was fully dilated and ready to push!

At this stage the midwife started the preps to get me pushing and at every contraction, I will have 4 attempts to push my baby out.

6.05pm I was getting really breathless from all the pushing and baby has yet to move. At this point I asked the midwife to check if my gynae can assist with vacuum. Gynae arrived within a minute, administered the vacuum and I started pushing again. Each push took ounces of energy from me and i’m sure i burned hell lots of calories too!

6.30pm Bryan finally made his entrance. Gynae took about 1 hour to stitch me up due to the massive tear I sustained despite having an episiotomy.
The reasons for such extensive tearing were:
• that my vaginal was already swollen from all the pushing way before the vacuum was administerd.
• Baby’s head was facing up towards the ceiling instead of facing the anus.
• I have very delicate skin

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