Sunday, November 2, 2008

Progress at 35/36 weeks

Last week, we did a scan and this time Bryan showed his head sideways, and hes also grown to a size too big for the ultrasound range that we cant see his whole body. So this is his skull from the side profile. At the time of ultrasound, he was 2.65kg.

Just yesterday, we went for another checkup and hes grown to 2.8kg, we also discovered that the amniotic fluids are getting quite low. Funnily enough, just when our gynae mentioned that, he peed and kinda upped the level of amniotic fluids!! its almost a direct response to the water situation. This is sustainability guys, you drink and process your own intakes. Errgh. Well, so now we have a slightly delicate situation. Adeline is getting increasingly achy and immobile, and shes trying her best to hydrate herself as much as possible.

After having not done so for quite some time, this morning i decided to press my ear against Ade's tummy, and amidst a chaotic symphony of fluid sounds, i heard a regular rhythm, a heart beat that i later verified was not Adeline's! Super duper happy. And then shortly after, he started having hiccups and i heard that too. Its like a mini percussion concert happening inside. ahahahaha

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