Saturday, January 9, 2010

Shooting star #49

Its been about 10 years that i last saw a shooting star and tonight i saw one. Its number 49. Yes i was an astronomy freak then.

After a long and tiring jog in the nice january weather, i took a slow walk back. When i reached the lobby downstairs, i just happened to look up and it was a really clear sky. So i took a moment to recall what those stars were. Ursa Major the big dog, Sirius its key star, and thought of Sirius B the white dwarf which circles it, and cannot be seen, but i know is there. Then i glanced west and saw Orion, Betelgeuse and Rigel being its brightest stars and Orion's belt, where the nebula is, birth place of billions of stars. Ok.. getting carried away...

Anyway, i just thought that now i have a little boy to teach about the constellations, where to pick out the galaxies, where are the star clusters, how to spot a nebula. It was also then that i realized while looking at the interstellar heavens that i've long stopped pondering about bigger things, like how the earth was made, history of man, mankind, nature, blah blah, that i'd have to start looking again, spend nice long nights telling Bryan about everything under the sky. Think about things bigger than the everyday that seems to make time pass so fast. Suddenly, a meteor flashed past, and i quickly made my wish, and it was for Bryan. Shooting star #49 is dedicated to him.

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