Monday, May 26, 2008

maternity clothing

I've been desperately trying to find some maternity wear that will last till the end of the third trimester, you may call it ambitious or kia su..hahaha, but to me, everything is geared towards savings for our future baby :) Right now, I cannot fit into any of my previous work pants or tees as they're getting super tight around the belly area.

After looking around for quite some time, my hubby & I ended up at Suntec and we chanced upon a shop called CLOUD 9. They were having a 15% storewide discount that day, so i ended up with the above items. On top of these, I also bought a skirt and a pair of 3/4 tights. The good thing about this shop is that they had a dummy pillow which actually simulated how big my tummy will be when I hit full term. So all these pieces are guaranteed to last the whole stretch! Yippeeee!!

I think I will just shop for 2 more maternity tees and that will be the end of my maternity clothing shopping spree for the rest of my pregnancy.


chinfee said...

In your dream, it was a boy.
When you first told me about this pregnancy, my first thought was "BOY"... coz boys names popped into my head.
Then I got Blue Baby Shoes!
Now, you've got black and blue clothes! So... all the more its gonna be a boy..?

*waiting patiently to know*

183 days to "godma" status. oh gee, i dunno how i'm going to live up to it :S

Fifi said...

I am using non-maternity clothes. I find those empire line tops/dresses and wear with pants. Cos my office quite casual, can get those cheap cheap ones from Far East Plaza (about $10-$20+) each. Saves money too cos these can wear in future when not preggy.

Chin: you will know soon...

carina said...


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