Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Train Ride incident

The annoying backache is back to haunt me again. Time check, 4.30pm. I think this is going to be a sleepless night again *sigh*

I'm getting really excited by the minute especially because we'll only get to see my gynae in 2wks time and she did say that we should be able to detect the gender by then. By that time I would be in my 16wks !!! Wow

My MS has definitely subsided and now my energy level is back too.

Ok, now I need to vent!

Just to share with you my frustration yesterday. I was on the MRT heading home (towards west) and all the seats were taken. Then I saw this preggy lady who was a lot more advanced standing there and no one gave up their seats. So finally someone near me got up and I quickly signalled her to take the seat. One man tried to fight for that seat and I gave him a hard glare. He gave it up. Then mins later another preggy lady board and the guy seating in front of me started to close his eyes!!! Again another seat vacant so I asked her to take it. She was so kind and turned to ask me "how about you? You’re pregnant too."

I just loudly proclaimed that she was more advanced and should have had the seat. After that no one even bothered to offer me a seat. BTW, in the evening my tummy will be quite expanded (don't know why) and I do start to look preggy (14wks now). So I had to stand all the way until Jurong East when most pax got off.

When I related this to my hubby, he was furious that it had to be pregnant woman giving up seats to other pregnant woman. What happened to the others who are well! Just airing my frustration.


Boon said...

Hey Ade, that time when I was standing in the train, i saw a heavily pregggy indian lady standing by the one offered, so i actually went to the uncle who sat in the 2seats section and asked him to give up his seat. heehee~
To which he said he actually did not know she's preggy....which i'm not sure if i really believe or not, cos her back was against where he sat.

I felt i did a good deed that day =)

Luth said...

credits to you boon, we need more people like that.

Fifi said...

There are a lot of people who are just so inconsiderate. I try not to fault those who don't give up their seats cos maybe there is some reason that they do need the seat that I don't know about (e.g. sprain ankle or something). However, I really cannot stand those that fight to take the seats that were offered to pregnant women... and I have met a a lot of such people in the MRT within these few months. Grrr.

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