Saturday, May 24, 2008

Pre natal screening and down syndrome test CLEAR

We are really happy to know that the OSCAR test which was conducted at Thomson Medical Centre on the 20th May 2008 gave a clear. The risk of down syndrome was lower than that of a teeenager = really really low.

Simply, the OSCAR test relied on 2 factors, - a combined risk analysis of blood tests measuring the likelihood of various chromosomal defects, together with the ultrasound measurement of the foetus's nuchal translucency, somewhere around the neck. Our measurement was 1.2mm, which put us in the really safe zone. According to the sonographer, the maximum is 3mm for it to be safe.

  1. Do keep a full bladder for the scan (we were not told and I had to drink lots of water while waiting for my turn)
  2. Once you've done your scan, don't rush to the toilet.
  3. You will need to pass the blood test form to the lab and they will need your urine sample
I'm one who really don't like needles!!! However, having said that, I've to give the lady who took my blood a super A+ for her professionalism. I did not even feel a thing when she stuck the needle in inspite of having to contribute 4 small tubes of blood. Again I did not feel a thing when she pulled the needle out. So far, this has been a good experience :)

The results for the adjusted risk for Trisomy 21 (the most common chromosomal defect) was 1:2471. What our gynae said to us as we anxiously entered the room anticipating the results was "Go home go home, no need to worry already."

So far now, we have seen our baby in a whole variety of positions, and heres two more. The one on the left shows the baby putting both arms to the head, and the other shows the baby in a thumb sucking position. (at this point mummy exclaimed, "stop sucking!" as it happened live on the ultrasound screen. In response, we witnessed the baby punching the walls of the water bag. It was all really hilarious.)

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