Friday, December 16, 2011

Bryans 3

Bryan celebrated his 3rd birthday in school this year on 10th November. The cake above is made by Ade. Underneath the colorful creamy exterior depiction of a child's dream, is the tastiest chocolate cake with Oreo cream layer filings.

Ade researched, planned, sweat, scrambled, whipped and crafted rehearsals for this cake months before this occasion. Here's another close up. Bryan loves Thomas the train, and this cake is it's backdrop.

From this you can tell that even at close range before you shovel a forkful into your impatient mouth, the intricate piping patterns make this cake such a thing of beauty. It cost maybe over $200 to buy a cake like this from a professional, but it is priceless if mummy made this.

Bryan, when you read this next time, go give mummy another hug for it.

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