Monday, December 19, 2011

Floor Christmas party bake

This year, level 3 of BlK 84 Lakeholmz had a floor party, utilizing the common corridor shared by 4 units, 4 nationalities, coming together to have a nice Christmas gathering, over a fusion potluck feast.

Conceived with the intention of neighborliness, friendly warmth and festive feelings, it was a superb night everybody had.

Adeline baked a tasty chocolate cake with a nice homely cottage sitting on it. Extends the comfortable, fuzzy feeling of home out to the common corridor.

She also whipped up a multi- tierm tray of cup cakes, splashed with candied multi color sugariness embedded into dollops of nutella, altogether an all-star Christmassy topping over chocolate cupcake bases. Wow, whets my appetite just reminiscing on them as I write.

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