Monday, October 6, 2008

MRT train tip for pregnant women

For pregnant women who are near the 30 week mark, or those who experience a lack of oxygen when a place gets too crowded, and have difficulty breathing, heres a useful tip we just learnt from Maureen and her husband - When the MRT is crowded, the carriages in the middle of the entire train has the most ventilation (the train has 6 carriages, so its carriages 3 and 4). This morning when we verified, it worked, Ade has no problems breathing even thought the train was packed full.


Cindy said...

Great tip! will keep that in mind!!

Just hoping that people will be more sensitive and give up seats for pregnant women! can't believe I had to give up my seat to a lady who seems to be 7 months pregnant! Disgusting.

Luther said...

Eh, well done Cindy. Applaud you for that. Imagine if you had glared at the fella beside you and told him/her to give way, forming a mini pregnant mummy union on the spot.

I think we should start posting all these bochup fellas' faces on the net.

Sufian said...

it's worse when the bochup fella got body odour and no ventilation around for pregnant ladies. I think we should ban smelly people in crowded trains. Will be dangerous for people, esp pregnant ladies. hahah.

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